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Hayward Chlorine Feeders CL (Pompa Kolam Renang)

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31 / 01 / 2023
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Rp. 433
Tersedia : pump (water, oil, chemical, fire & sewage), filter (water, sand, carbon), cooling tower, swimming pool equipment, flow meter, valve, electric motor, spring mounting, Inverter, control Panel, pressure tank, hydrophore tank, panel BLC, panel inverter, panel star delta, spring isolator, isolator hanger, rubber mounting.

Detail Hayward Chlorine Feeders CL (Pompa Kolam Renang)

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Product Description

The CL200 Inline Chlorinator is designed to automatically feed chlorine to your inground pool by working with your existing pump and filter system. Returning water to the pool flows through the chlorinator which is plumbed inline after the filter. A simple dial valve allows you to easily control the amount of chlorine being dispensed. No more floating chlorine dispensers in the pool or manually adding chlorine. The CL200 sanitizes your pool automatically, holding 9 lbs of Trichlor tablets or sticks. Hayward chlorinators are made from sturdy ABS thermoplastic and feature a durable Viton seal for the lid.


Holds 9 lbs of chlorine
Can be used with small or large slow-dissolve chlorine tablets or sticks
Dial control valve lets you adjust the rate of feed with 9 settings from "off" to "full"
Easy-Lok™ threaded cover offers safe and convenient access for adding tablets or sticks
Unique finger-release catch provides extra security
Includes mounting base
Easy installation for do-it-yourselfers
1 year warranty
Please note: Unions are sold separately. If you do not have unions from a pre-existing CL200, you can purchase the UnionConnector Kit.

Pipe Size: 1-1/2 in.
Dimensions: (W) 9 in. x (H) 14-3/4 in.
Weight: 4.5 lbs.
Flow Ratings: (GPM = Gallons Per Minute)
CL100 - Used with pumps with flow rating of 30-50 GPM
CL200 - Used with pumps with flow rating of 50-80 GPM
CL2002S - Used with pumps with flow rating of 50-90 GPM
CL110 - Used with pumps with flow rating of 30-50 GPM
CL220 - Used with pumps with flow rating of 50-90 GPM

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