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Pressure Tank Reflex Refix DE 10 Bar Batam

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15 / 05 / 2023
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Rp. 133
Tersedia : pump (water, oil, chemical, fire & sewage), filter (water, sand, carbon), cooling tower, swimming pool equipment, flow meter, valve, electric motor, spring mounting, Inverter, control Panel, pressure tank, hydrophore tank, panel BLC, panel inverter, panel star delta, spring isolator, isolator hanger, rubber mounting.

Detail Pressure Tank Reflex Refix DE 10 Bar Batam

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Reflex DE (bahan mild steel body ) ini beda material dengan Pentair (bahan Fibreglass body).

The basis of a low-cost solution for potable water, water heating & hydro-pneumatic well applications. Water does not flow through this vessel. The DE range is fitted with a bladder, which can be replaced from 50 liters on, and is ideal for use in water systems with higher corrosion resistance requirements, as suitable for brine circuits in heat pump systems.

Refix DE, WRAS approved bladder expansion vessel for mains water supply systems (in Germany only for systems which are not subject to the requirements of the DIN 1988,e.g. fire extinguishing and process water systems). Approval according to EC Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

Replaceable bladder according to DIN EN 13831
All vessel parts in contact with water are coated against corrosion
Durable external powder coating finish
Vessels stand vertical with profile steel construction on feet

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