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Varem Pressure Tank Seri Maxi Varem Batam

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31 / 01 / 2023
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Rp. 335
Tersedia : pump (water, oil, chemical, fire & sewage), filter (water, sand, carbon), cooling tower, swimming pool equipment, flow meter, valve, electric motor, spring mounting, Inverter, control Panel, pressure tank, hydrophore tank, panel BLC, panel inverter, panel star delta, spring isolator, isolator hanger, rubber mounting.

Detail Varem Pressure Tank Seri Maxi Varem Batam

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MaxiVarem is the bigger version of the famous InterVarem which also offers the same benefits in higher capacity. MaxiVarem helps maintaining pressure in the system, optimizing pump operation, ensuring a water reserve and protecting against water hammer. It can be used in a wide range of applications: water booster systems, irrigation, residential and commercial well water, firefighting systems.

Vertical Multifunctional water tanks
Replaceable membrane
Available with galvanised or painted flange
Red color (blue color available on demand)
Pre-charge pressure 2 bar
Capacity 50 – 3000 l

Kawasan Industri Tunas 2 Lot 2E Batam Center
WA 0878 9400 5888 TELP 0778 807 3050
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